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RG 1/144 RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver.2.0

    • The latest design interior frame with the image of a semi-monocoque structure allows you to replicate the construction of the the mobile suit, as seen in the original Mobile Suit Gundam series.

      The joint structure, which pays homage to the original design, adopts a new structure that bends neatly at the discernable joints by reinterpreting the movable axis. The legs are a reconsideration of the "MS Gundam for hand-to-hand combat" and uses joints with a composite frame to draw an outline that is close to human-like even when moving.

      The model kit was designed to minimize the appearance of mounting holes and integrate them seamlessly with the rest of the model. The head of complex color is thoroughly replicated by color coding according to the mold color. The eyes, main camera, magazine drum, and chek ducts have been added with precise detail. The panel line, which reflects support from the mechanism, is divided into functional blocks. It is designed with the image of an actual split line.

      The exterior design, which combines the latest interpretation and a return to the origin of the character, not only adds small and intricate details, but also considers the shape of the main silhouette. Edges and curved surfaces are well-defined and by constructing the white of the main body with a two-tone molding color, RX-78-2 Gundam is re-imagined.

      As an original gimmick of the Real Grade line, the chest armor covering the cockpit uses a mechanism that opens and closes.

      Product Features

      • 1/144 Scale
      • Made of plastic
      • Based on Mobile Suit Gundam
      • Part of the Real Grade series
      • Multiple points of articulation
      • Interchangeable parts and accessories
      • Instuctions may or may not include English translation

      Box Contents

      • Pieces to build
        • RX-78-2 Gundam
        • Beam Rifle
        • 2 Beam Sabers
        • Shield
        • Hyper Bazooka
        • Core Fighter Landing Gear parts set
        • Hand parts set
      • Realistic decals
      • Instructions


      Pre-Order expected to ship August 2024.

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