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Mecha Michelangelo - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Heat Boys

          • “Cowabunga!”

            Mecha Michelangelo - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Heat Boys

            Mikey arrives with his fully articulated giant 9" Mecha, complete with a metal inner frame, light up led eyes, and tons of accessories.

            Comes with:

            Mecha turtle body TMNT 03*1

            Earphone *1

            Goggles *1

            Nunchucks *2

            Double barrel gatling gun *1

            Highpower cannon *2

            Shoulder guided missile launcher *2

            Giant cruise missile *2

            Leg guided missile launcher *2

            Driver Mikey and turtle car parts (grey) *1

            Mechanical pizza *1

            Magnetically controlled LED *1

            Nunchaku stand *2

            Arm armament connector *2

            Cruise missile stand *1

            Leg transmitter connector *2

            Back diacast mechanical arms *2

            Backpack stand *1

            Long steel stand*1

            Short steel stand*1

            Stand connector *2

            Multifunctional base *1

            First batch bonus: Driver and turtle car parts (transparent green) *1 * Batteries need to be purchased separately: LR621*2, LR1130*3

            Please note shipping will be charged when Mikey is ready to be shipped to ensure we dont under or over charge shipping. Note for our USA Customers, orders under $800 are exempt from all duties and taxes. Expected Shipping Window is Q3 2023!

          • Accesories can be stores in unique places all over the body and shell.

            Super posable and comes with a base.

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