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Kyū by Kensuke Creations x RLUX CUSTOMS

    • “Time is everything we have and don't.”


      A collaboration between Kensuke Creations x RLUX CUSTOMS

      Sometimes the most altruistic souls come in demonic shells. Presiding over a place in between life and death, Kyū is free from the laws of nature and able to move as he pleases. The immortal inter dimensional samurai walks through existence in search of his origins, and the danger and adventure it’s entwined with.

      Kyū stands at 3 inches tall and is made of resin. Features a new sculpt of the classic Rlux stance!

    • Kyū is a resin statue, and can shatter if dropped!

      The head and body are two separate pieces but fit tightly together.

      This is a hand painted resin sculpture and work of art!

      Handle with care!