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    • “Mecha Will Rise”

      Testtype05: Carbine

      A collaboration between CHKDSK x RLUX CUSTOMS x QUICCS

      The blue gunslinger is an elite member of MECHA WILL RISE Tribe, a part of The Bulletpunk Universe. He leads and spearheads a group of fighters called ARMS(Advanced Radical Mechanical Soldiers) specifically tasked to hunt down human survivors for H.I.V.E in exchange for mechanical parts. This revamped Carbine OG is a design collaboration between CHKDS and RLUX Customs - with the signature Carbine head, and RLUX Customs body stance. The figure stands at 6 inches tall and is made of resin.

      Progress • Innovate • Advance

      Advanced Radical Mechanical Soldiers  

    • Carbine is a resin statue, and can shatter if dropped!

      His head and body are two separate pieces, this allows his head to swivel.

      When removing from the foam insert please hold Carbine's head in place with his body.

      Never hold him upside down!

      This is a hand painted resin sculpture and work of art!

      Handle with care!

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