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Android Kyū 3" Resin Toy by Kensuke Creations x RLUX Customs

    • Android Kyū Edition

      A collaboration between Kensuke Creations x RLUX CUSTOMS

      A Kensuke Creations original character, Kyū is an immortal inter dimensional samurai. He comes decked out in classic Rlux Orange and Black

      Android Kyū stands at 3 inches and is made of resin.

      Disclaimer: Each figure is individually hand-made. Slight variations and "unique characteristics" are to be expected.

      Limited to just 30 pieces worldwide.

    • Kyū is a resin statue, and can shatter if dropped!

      The head and body are two separate pieces but fit tightly together.

      This is a hand painted resin sculpture and work of art!

      Handle with care!