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Kyū IDEA 3" Resin Toy and Foil Card by Kensuke Creations x RLUX Customs

    • Kyū IDEA Edition

      A collaboration between Kensuke Creations x RLUX CUSTOMS

      Kensuke Creations, known for his imaginative adaptations of brands onto his own characters, created this IDEA in time for the launch of one of the world's most favored furniture and home brands in the Philippines!

      Limited to just 99 pieces worldwide.

      Kyū Idea stands at 3 inches tall and is made of resin. Comes with a premium foil card of Kensuke’s art!


    • Kyū is a resin statue, and can shatter if dropped!

      The head and body are two separate pieces but fit tightly together.

      This is a hand painted resin sculpture and work of art!

      Handle with care!


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